Long Valley Finnish Ladies Aid

Long Valley Finnish Ladies Aid

The Finnish Ladies Aid is at a crucial point in the organization’s lifespan.  To remain viable, productive and true to the organization’s mission and bylaws, a new generation of women is needed. You do not have to be a descendant from the original Finn settlers, or even Finnish.  We are in need of women with love of God, family and community who have “sisu” (a Finnish word for strength of will, determination and undaunted courage), to preserve the heritage of Long Valley to step forward and join.  Membership is voluntary and there are no membership dues or fees. True to the history, Ladies are asked to provide handicrafts, baked goods and other items able to be auctioned off at the annual Auction, which has been held every year since 1920.

The Finnish Ladies Aid Society was initially organized over 100 years ago to raise funds to build and support a Finnish community church, which is still located on Farm to Market and Finn Church roads, just south of McCall.   Today, the Finnish Ladies Aid is a not for profit organization committed to preserving the Finnish history and culture in Long Valley as well as providing philanthropic support throughout the Long Valley area.

The group typically meets on the 4rd Saturday of the month with a few exceptions.  Meeting locations vary, rotating monthly, and typically take place in the home of an area member.  In the past, meetings were preceded by extravagant luncheons prepared by the hostess. In recent years, this has been reined in to dessert and of course, coffee.

If you are interested in joining Finnish Ladies Aid or would like to make a handicraft or monetary donation to the organization, please contact Jennifer Koskella at chmgeek@gmail.com

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