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Central Idaho is one of the best hiking and mountain biking destinations in the West. The McCall area alone has more than 500 miles of public trails, 300 lakes and 1,400 miles of streams to explore. Visit the Hiker’s Paradise Itinerary for a few of our favorite trails to get started.

Advanced and beginner riders alike will find exactly what they are looking for in McCall. Lift-serviced trails, sweeping single track, gnarly uphills and technical features await. Teams of volunteers in cooperation with the Central Idaho Mountain Bike Association (CIMBA) work to continually build new trails and access points each year making mountain biking one of the fastest growing sports in the area. Get started with a few riding ideas and download trail maps: Mountain Bike Trail Tour.

A new form of mountain biking has taken hold in McCall over the last few years…fat biking. These mountain bikes are specially designed for better traction on groomed trails in the winter or muddy conditions that make traditional biking difficult. Now mountain biking isn’t just for the summer months! View Trail Maps >>



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