Alpenglow Salt Spa

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What Sparks us is healing. What does that mean to us, well in a nut shell we want to spread, love, kindness, a smile to those who need it the most. Uplifting our community by truly caring about your emotional and physical pain.

Healing is needed in many forms here is a snip it of what we do…

Physical: We offer massage therapy to diminish aches and pains in tired muscles, we also provide spa experiences with even more benefits that soothe dryness, restores PH balance, detoxes and exfoliates your skin. Plus we give bad ass hugs!

Mental and spiritual: Not only do we provide a warm smile and a kick of sarcasm, we offer energy therapy to balance your energy system, realign your chakras to help with deep relaxation, an overall sense of well being and most importantly pain management.

  • Contact Mindy Miller & Amy Forkan
  • Email
  • Phone (208) 630-6585
  • Address 212 N 3rd St Suite B, McCall, ID 83638
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